//Judging a book by its cover: Why I love my grumpy dog

Judging a book by its cover: Why I love my grumpy dog

Día 1

Palabras/Frases para aprender hoy: Bundle of joy, per say, kind of


We have a dog, we call him Peper, and no, I didn’t misspelled his name, we call him Peper with only one “p”

Peper is twelve years old, he is a Yorkie, or should I say he is a giant Yorkie? And I say a giant Yorkie because for a Yorkshire terrier he is huge, his weight is about ten pounds, trust me for a Yorkie that’s a lot.

We brought Peper home on a Christmas Day, he was so small I could carry him in the palm of my hand, he was playful, sweet, and fragile; he was a “bundle of joy.” Okay, not a “bundle of joy” per say, he wasn’t a human baby but was kind of a baby to us.

Día 2

Palabras/Frases para aprender hoy: ended up, battery operated, tail wagging, stuffed animals

I forgot to mention that Peper was our daughter’s Christmas present, yeah he was supposed to be our daughters little puppy, I just ended up stealing the dog. Our daughter was not a little kid at that moment but she was very young and thought the dog was a toy, you know like those battery operated walking, tail wagging stuffed animals. And of course she tried to play with him like trying to play with a toy, forgetting a little bit that this was not a stuffed animal, it was a living being that could easily get hurt.

Día 3

Palabras/Frases para aprender hoy: took matters into my own hands, pack, annoying


So as soon as I realized the dog was “in danger” I took matters into my own hands and the first thing Peper knew was that he was sleeping in our room, and my husband and I were feeding him, petting him, bathing him, so basically we were his pack, and the annoying little girl living with us was not his mom, she was just that, an annoying little girl whom he thought was his older sister.

Día 4

Palabras/Frases para aprender hoy: irritating, to risk it


Peper’s pack was clear, I was his mom, my husband was his dad and our daughter was his irritating sister.

Stealing the dog was not the right thing to do, having a puppy was our daughter’s biggest dream and I took him from her. I swear I was trying to protect the little dog, but I could have taught her to be nice to
him, I didn’t want to risk it and I just did what was easier, what was convenient, instead of doing what was right. I regret
that now of course.

Día 5

Palabras/Frases para aprender hoy: growling, to be left petto be left alone


This is the story of how I ended up having a dog, but how he became a grumpy dog is a different story.

Peper is not grumpy in a sense that he is growling all the time, nor he is barking all the time however he doesn’t want to be pet, touched or carried. Our giant Yorkie wants to be left alone on his couch or his bed.

Día 6

Palabras/Frases para aprender hoy: I know better, grumpy, grouchy, other thanstomach


That’s what the rest of the world see, but I am his mom and I know better, I know my little dog is not just a grumpy, grouchy dog.

Peper doesn’t like puppies nor he likes babies, and the reason for that is just because he gets jealous when my husband and I turn our attention to a cute being other than him. He is not going to stomach the sight of his mom or dad
being nice to anybody else, he is the center of our attention and he has to do anything is his power to keep it that way. That is easy to understand, he is not a grumpy dog; he is just a jealous one.

Día 7

Palabras/Frases para aprender hoy: older, doggie


But there is something else, Peper just wants to be alone, he wants to be on his bed, he wants to be pet only when he wants to be pet, not when we, humans, want to torture him when we touch him, when we talk to him with our annoying altered voice.

Did I mention Peper is twelve? He is twelve years old, he is getting older, things hurt, his back hurts, his paws hurt, hit tummy hurts, even though he looks like a puppy he is just an older doggie.

Día 8

Palabras/Frases para aprender hoy: judge a book by its cover, get to the conclusion, get to see, goes off, though


It is very easy to judge a book by its cover, it is very easy to get to the conclusion that my forever companion is just a grumpy dog, but this is what you don’t get to see when you meet my little puppy for a few minutes: every morning when my alarm clock goes off my puppy makes sure I know he is there, he slowly comes to me and tries to kiss me, he is not a kisser though. Right after I get up, he sticks to my side and follows me while I make my coffee, he waits for me at the door until I come back from my morning run. Then he follows me to the shower and waits for me until I finally get in my home based office and there he sleeps all day long until he senses it is time for a walk.

Día 9

Palabras/Frases para aprender hoy: his heart out, chase out, there’s no way out


When somebody rings the bell he barks his heart out to chase out the bad guys and protect his mom, he feels so proud when I thank him. Remember, Peper is not a kisser but when I cry he moves around, he desperately tries to find a way to calm me down and if nothing works he kisses me as much as he can to give me comfort. My dog, the one I stole from my daughter, keeps me company when I feel alone, makes me smile when he chases squirrels in his dreams, makes me feel important when he lets me know that he needs me, brings me down to earth when my dreams turn into nightmares and I feel like there’s no way out.

To you, my giant Yorkie may be a grumpy dog, to me he is the unconditional friend who shares his moments, his days, and his life with me.

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