Excited about the idea of becoming a coach with us?

First we want to let you know that in order to become a coach you need to:
  • Have English be your first language (sorry we don’t hire coaches who have any trace of a foreign accent).
  • Be willing and excited to help Spanish speakers (this means patience is one quality that is a must have).
  • Since pronunciation is our main focus, you will need to help our students with American English phonetics (DON’T PANIC if you don’t know anything about phonetics, we will provide you with all the information you need)

Add English Phonetics Expert to your resume!

Here's your opportunity
To help our students, you will either need to be an English Phonetics expert or be willing to learn with us. We will train you free of charge. If you are still excited about being part of this awesome team please know that:
  • If English is your first language and you don’t have any foreign accent, you already know English phonetics! It is just a matter of learning how to explain it to someone who isn’t wired to know English sounds
  • You will have the opportunity to have a one on one meeting (over Google Hangout) with one of our expert coaches. In this meeting, you will learn how to help our students with the pronunciation of the English sounds.
  • All the information you receive in the meeting will always be available to you on your coaches’ page just in case you need to check prior to a class.
  • This training is free of charge and if you become an expert coach yourself, you can also help training new coaches while getting paid.

Contact us

Contact us so we can get in touch with you through Google Hangout, we do this small interview to make sure you speak native English, free of any foreign accent.
Make sure the email you provide us is a Google account so we can contact you and set up an appointment through Google Hangout.
Under Subject please type: “Want to become a coach”
On the message box type a few words letting us know why you think you would like to help Spanish speakers improve their English.